Friday, March 7, 2008

Kate's Revised Proposal

After much thinking, I have boiled it down to working on an environmental portrait of my self through my family. I am going to present the project in a book. My plan is to create a portrait of my family, and myself, that is a reflection on family and identity. I don't want to make a "family album" I want the project to be a deeper exploration into family/identity utilizing my family for images. I would like the viewer to be able to feel a connection to the work through reflection. I want to explore the connection with the past, and how it has helped shape the future. The first few images of the book will be of objects and images of past family members, the later part of the book will be image of me. Accompanying the images will be text, probably in the form of poetry. These are the only three objects of my Grandmother's (my namesake) that I own, she died before I was born. However, through my mother I feel a strong connection to her.  ~P. Kate

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MOCO TA said...

Just to reiterate what we have discussed, I think it would be interesting to push the relation between the photographs of the other family members and your self-portraits...perhaps you subtly implying a connection through the content of the images (a lamp in one image of your grandmother appears in the same location within your wearing a similar outfit or hairstyle...etc.) Push the idea of "connection."