Monday, March 10, 2008

Project Proposal:

I am interested in the notion of presence through absence, history, and the relationship between place and experience. For this project I will be using my house as a way to begin considering environmental space/structure in relation to psychological space/structure. This will initially involve photographing primarily the structure of interior spaces. Through thinking about perceptual fragmentation, I would consider converting these spaces to various installations. Other sites, domestic and otherwise, may become more relevant to the project. I will present the images as a linear sequence in print form and will use the 4x5 camera and both color and black and white film. I anticipate that the result of the project will challenge it’s initial logic and the production of images will successively encourage more nuanced questions.


MOCO TA said...

I like the idea of "converting...spaces to various installations." What I like is that you are considering the photograph to be the conduit that transforms the actual space into an installation (something other than it is in reality). Am I reading this correctly? Or are you actually creating new spaces and documenting them? Either is interesting, but please clarify during the critique.

dvisser said...

Your first sequence of images made a strong foray into the relationship between environmental space/structure and psychological space/structure. I look forward to seeing where you have taken this. With regard to the proposal itself, I hope you will keep working at writing about your ideas on a daily basis - I think the language could be clarified to help the viewer better access your ideas.